Trend Forecast: Mediterranean-Style Homes

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Mediterranean-style homes are currently the rave in regions that are in close proximity to the sea (hello, St. Pete). With origins from Spain, Greece and Italy, Mediterranean-style homes are often referred to today as “Spanish modern.”

To better differentiate what makes a home Mediterranean, we looked to the Home Gods, HGTV, in their online article “Mediterranean Style 101.” Below is a brief summary of our findings balanced with examples of Aspen VG Mediterranean-style homes.

See if you can spot any of these Mediterranean-inspired homes around your neighborhood!


Mediterranean-style homes’ colors echo those of the sea and sky and, depending on the region, can also include warm terra cotta, taupe, sand and yellow. One of the most notorious details of a Mediterranean home are the low-pitched, red clay-tile roofs.


Mediterranean accents such as mosaic tile embodies the true spirit of Eastern European design. Bring the tiles into your home or keep them exposed on the exterior in areas such as a patio deck or outlining a luxury pool wall. Additional accents that can be found throughout a Mediterranean home are exposed beams, arches, enclosed outdoor spaces and billowing drapes.


Texture is everything to a Mediterranean-style home. Layers of paint and glaze are often hand-rubbed onto stucco, plaster, or sand-textured walls to add visual depth. Stimulate the look of a plaster wall with a textured finish by using tinted drywall compound and colored beeswax.

Mediterranean architecture is a coalition of ideas that evolved from many different time periods and regions. In areas like Florida, Mediterranean-style homes are gaining popularity for their recognizable aesthetic and global influences. At Aspen Venture Group, we specialize in building homes of Mediterranean descent to showcase the true beauty and diversity in what can be found throughout other parts of the world.

We invite you to view some of our most prized developments here.

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