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James Landers uses his keen eye for design and detail on a much larger scale – he puts an intentional focus on competitive innovation, rather than predictability, to create dream homes. Landers gravitates towards design and this is what separates his widely successful development company, Aspen VG, from the rest.

Under Aspen VG, James has completed over 35 major residential and commercial projects, stretching from Tampa to Key West, with a combined valuation of more than a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue.

Although Landers is passionate about being a developer, he is known for so much more, as well. A trusted family-man within the St. Petersburg community, James Landers possesses a deep understanding of what other families and buyers seek when searching for a home. He believes that his responsibility as a developer is to that of the neighborhood. His focus upon a new project is completely community conscious. James Landers creates homes with a heart.


James puts an immense focus on heart and the well being of the youth. He has a strong belief that the biggest crime in this country is the lack of equal opportunity. Landers stands by his philanthropic beliefs by serving as a leader and coach for youth baseball and football throughout St. Petersburg. He has volunteered hundreds of hours on his own program, as well. James Landers started Landers Youth Sports Foundation with the intent that he’d introduce underserved children to various sports opportunities. He also maintains the “Coach’s Blog,” where he discusses such issues as the dynamic between coaches and parents, achieving team goals, and fundamental progressions. By leveling the playing field at the start, he teaches the youth that you don’t receive an equal outcome, but you make the opportunity that of what you will.


James Landers exercises his overall leadership skills and has helped elevate the company’s reputation as a leader in the industry. James Landers considers real estate one of his passions, and he spends much of his personal time on reinforcing his background in the field. One of his favorite hobbies is reading about business management and development as well as economic and monetary policy. During his down time, James invests in spending time with his wife and two kids. He considers himself to be an avid reader, world traveler, politician-buff, skier, humanitarian, curious-cat, and a bad-golfer.


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